ABoUT anna W Thorbjörnsson 
Anna W. Thorbjörnsson began her artistic and creative journey in 2007, producing compelling stories through photography, digital art, filmmaking, and authoring nearly twenty books. Based in Arild, Sweden, her work has garnered European and international acclaim through exhibitions, collaborations, and translations. In 2019, she was honored to exhibit at the 19th Festival Européen de la Photo de Nu in La Chapelle de Sainte-Anne, Arles, France. 
In 2023, her photographic work was featured at the Falsterbo Photo Art Museum in a prestigious group exhibition alongside renowned artists such as Anton Corbijn, David LaChapelle, and Ellen von Unwerth.
Before delving into the creative arts, Anna earned a Master’s in Business Management from Lund University and built a successful career in management consultancy and the telecom sector, holding positions such as Marketing Manager and Director of Sales and Marketing. Her projects are characterized by creative thinking, innovation, and a boundless imagination. Anna's energy and dedication to communication make her a valued collaborator in many teams.
Imagination is everything!
Malmö Gallery Weekend, Group Exhibition  - "Resurgence – Status Symbols of The Future"
Group Photo Exhibition, "Nude and Famous?" - Falsterbo Photo Art Museum, Sweden 
Photo exhibition, "Quarantine Queen, The Female Eye & other fabulous people" - Burlöv Art Hall, Sweden 
Photo Exhibition, "Quarantine Queen & The Female Eye" - Hotel Duxiana, Malmö, and Gallery Atoll, Stockholm 
Art Photo Book Release "Quarantine Queen, The Female Eye & other fabulous people" 
Finalist. Photoshoot Awards Nude 2019 - Montreal, Canada 
Exhibition "The Female Eye" - 19me Festival Européen de la Photo de Nu, Arles, France 
Finalist, Intimate and Emotion Category - Photoshoot Awards Nude 2019, Montreal, Canada
Video Installation/Scenography "RAN" - Operation Opera, Halmstad, Sweden 
Video Installation, "Sea of Tranquility" - Malmöfestivalen, Malmö, Sweden 
Exhibition/Projection "Waterlife" - Halmstad Theatre, Halmstad, Sweden 
Exhibition/Projection "Waterlife" - Gallery Capture, Malmö, Sweden 
Exhibition/Projection "Waterlife" - 16me Festival Européen de la Photo de Nu, Arles, France
Art Photo Book Release "Waterlife" 
Bronze Award Freedom Category - Photoshoot Awards Nude 2016, Montreal, Canada 
Photography Exhibition "The Tub Project" - AngseliusRönn PR Agency, Stockholm, Sweden
Photo Exhibition/Projection. Stockholm Burlesque Festival, Stockholm, Sweden 
Photo Exhibition "Shapes & Patterns" - Whitestar Studio, Stockholm, Sweden 
Portrait Photography Exhibition "Kungsholmen" - Västermalmsgallerian, Stockholm, Sweden
Landscape Photography Exhibition "Close to Coast" - Whitestar Studio, Stockholm, Sweden
"Close to Coast" - Bastaskär, Halmstad, Sweden 
Landscape Photography Exhibition "Trips 2010" Selart Gallery, Aubergine Restaurant, Stockholm, Sweden
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